Peanut Butter Restyle

Art Direction

A great brand with a new art direction that is  made with an illustration style providing a classic approach to the traditional peanut butter brand.

Calvé is one of the top leading Dutch brands as it comes with peanut butter. With a history that goes all the way back too 1898, Calvé has had a couple of redesigns in its path. With this design I would like too show the rich history and the craftsmanship in the product and the brand. 

— Design by Moreno van Soest

Standing out

The red line on the label represents the original flavour. This works great because red is also a colour that pops right out of the shelves in the supermarkets.


The labels are made with great detail. You can see the history of the brand on them. It begins with the peanut plant and it ends with an amazing brand.

“Stom, hè? Ik vind het gewoon lekker”

Restyle Concept


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